Thursday, October 16, 2008


so, my neighbors rock. on both sides. to our left is our crazy neighbor murph who clay pretty much thinks is his best friend (even though murph is a 51 year old man). murph (as well as clay) has NO IDEA that he isn't 6 1/2 like clay is. they hang out, shoot hoops, stack fire wood etc together. if we are eating dinner and clay sees murph going through the back yard to do fire wood, clay will jump up from the table and yell out the window, and assure him that he will be out to help as soon as he is done with dinner! on our right side is carol and tom. typically, carol and tom leave mid october to travel down south. so far, they are still in town... i don't think they can get enough of us! ha!
anyhoo, my boys have realized in the past few months, that if they go over to carol and tom's and knock on the door, someone will open the door and give them ice cream! originally clay would go over, knock, be let in, and whoever was there would promptly get the ice cream, and put it in a styrofoam cup with a plastic spoon, and then he would be on his way back home. well carter quickly caught on to this neat trick. soon afterward, you would see them both disappear from our yard and head next door... they would stand at the door, knock, and be let in. now they have a whole system down... carter gets the spoons, clay gets the cups, while carol or tom gets the ice cream. once they have their treats, they say thank you and come back home. carter must REALLY love the ice cream though... he must say thank you to them at least (no exaggeration) 13 times on his way back to our yard. he takes a bite, walks a few steps, turns and waves and says thank you... takes another bite, walks a few more steps, turns and waves and says thank you... it continues on. it's too cute! well this picture is them with their ice cream yesterday... i was raking the leaves that clay was supposed to help with... thanks a lot clay! :)

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