Sunday, June 8, 2008

a gift from clayton...

so sunday morning, i was laying around in bed trying REALLY hard to go back to sleep since gerry had gotten up with the kids. clay kept coming in my room and rustling through my desk drawers. at one point he asked me what my favorite food was. i told him chocolate... he nodded his head and walked out without saying a word. knowing my son, i didn't even bother asking what he was doing. he was at it for quite a while...a good 47 minutes later he came in and gave me this gift bag...

he said "here mom, i got you a present". so that's what he was up to! inside the bag was this dog (one of his FAVORITES!!!) wearing this little backpack. there was also a little card inside (which is why he was in the desk).

here is his sweet card he made me... they have been learning about commas at school and he now LOVES to throw them into sentences whenever possible...

he then told he that i had to look inside the little backpack. these are the treasures i found inside the backpack... a 2/3 bottle of lotion that he took from the bathroom drawer, a chocolate egg left over from easter, and a baggie with a diet dr. pepper since he knows it's my favorite. at first i wondered why the pop was in a baggie... then i realized that the diet dr. pepper was not alone in that baggie... he also threw in some bacon. yeah, bacon... a slice of bacon.

for real, how stinkin cute is that? he was SO PROUD of himself for making me up such a great present! i love to see things like this... it tells you a lot about yourself when your kids pick out things that they think you will love. i understand the pop, lotion and chocolate... but the bacon??? still a mystery to me... but a really damn funny mystery!

on a quick sewing note, i got some new fat quarters today... can anyone say wallets??? i also got a bunch of threads since i suddenly was running out of everything! this week? i have 3 purse orders to fill, then i have some jamboree in the hills projects to work on. i need to make us all some waterproof cell phone/money holders for the jambo. i have sweet clear plastic stuff to make them out of... once i figure out my prototype design i will be all set! oh yeah, and i have some kick ass koozies to sew too... gotta love that jamboree in the hills!

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