Wednesday, June 4, 2008

update, amy butler fabric, and ear tubes

so i took my kids to my school for the dreamgirls music review/talent show last night. they loved it! carter was dancing, laughing, clapping like crazy, and flirting with the girls! clay on the other hand was atypically quiet... you could tell by looking at him that he was observing EVERYTHING and trying to take it all in. you must understand that this school is BIG... the kids are in high school and are BIG... and unlike his rural eden school, the number of black people at my school is BIG! after a while clay looked at me with utter seriousness and said "mom, you know what i have realized? you, my brother, and me are the only white people here". very matter of fact he informed me... i found his matter of factness interesting. he didn't say it as if it were a big deal, or weird to him (which is must have kind of been... it's not like eden is all that culturally diverse). he was just letting me know. it was his observation. if only everyone could be so matter of fact and unbiased in such situations!

on a sewing note, i made these amy butler wallets last night. i didn't have much time by the time i got home and got the baby in bed... by the way, aunt wendy loved her bag and wallet! i just ADORE this fabric. i used every last scrap that i could. so now i have a cute wallet to match my cute purse. and there is an extra one... i have an idea of who it might go to... :)

well tomorrow morning we are off to the hospital for carter's surgery. he is getting tubes in his ears... we have to be at children's hospital at 6 and his surgery is at 8. wow... that's EARLY!!! i can't wait for it to be over so he will not have to be on antibiotics ALL THE TIME!!! so says some prayers that everything will be fine... any suggestions, stories or advice on ear tubes is greatly appreciated!

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