Thursday, June 12, 2008

going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you?

so this past tuesday i went with clay and his kindergarten class to the buffalo zoo. let me clarify... it was not only clay's kindergarten class, but every kindergarten class in his school! now granted it's not a huge school, but still... 2 busses FULL of kindergartners! we were all crammed on 2 school busses (3 to a seat) with our zoo stickers stuck on our chests.

once we got there we split up into small groups... clay and i walked around with his friends carrie jo and emma. girls are such different creatures than boys! girls actually sit while they eat their lunch and ask for help when trying to open things... boys? sit down, get up and go check out a bird, sit down, go look at the puddle over there, sit down, show everyone what a burn out in a puddle looks like... is it only my kid or are boys NUTS!!!

no sewing done this week... too busy preparing for the zoo trip and then recuperating from it (for 2 full days!) by the way i now know why i choose to work with high schoolers... you don't have to tie their shoes, wipe their face, or repeatedly remind them to tell you if they need to go potty! i have some serious work to do and i'm running out of time! i need to get a coworkers 2 purses done asap and have no time to do them! it's that time of year folks... the time of year for REALLY FULL calendars!

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