Tuesday, June 3, 2008

fort stead

so i have actually been doing a little something productive the past 2 days... sunday i spent an hour or two cutting things out. i cut out gerry's aunt's purse and a matching wallet, the 2 purses a co-worker ordered, two amy butler wallets, and a few other random wallets as well. last night i even started making aunt wendy's purse! it feels good to get back in the saddle again!

on another note, this past friday night i was apparently absolutely exhausted... i fell asleep snuggling with clayton on the couch around 9:00. i woke up a while later and told clay to go right up to bed. he got up and i immediately fell back asleep on the couch. when i woke up a while later to go to bed, i found him sleeping on my living room floor...

there are many details here which amused me. 1. he created this structure silently... i slept through him building it! 2. look at the end near his feet... he brought his truck circle rug down from his bedroom and put it at the "entrance" to his fort. 3. he has his "punkyouter"* (computer) next to him (notice the anal retentive placement of the mouse) 4. he has his "punkyouter" case on the other side of him, just in case he needs to take his business on the road with him. 5. then you have his rocking chair set up with a book in case he feels the need to do some light reading. finally, 6. his clothes for the next day are neatly folded and waiting for him on top of his "punkyouter".

why is my kid so weird??? i think he gets it from his dad!

well, i have plenty of sewing to do... you can guess who i will be spending MY evening tonight! :)

* as a speech therapist, i NEVER encourage kids to say things the wrong way. i have always yelled at family members who encourage the kids to say words wrong. but... clay has spoken so precisely since day one! this is his one and only word he doesn't say right, and i have to admit... IT'S SO CUTE!!! every wednesday night at dinner i ask him what special he had in school that day because i love hearing him say punkyouter... ok, so i'm a hypocrite!

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andrew said...

that's so cool!

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