Tuesday, May 27, 2008

he's a sniffer!

so carter has now realized that flowers smell good. we walked around our house (as well as our neighbor's house) today looking at all of the different plants and sniffing the flowers.

let's just say carter got a little carried away sniffing the flowers... and moved on to sniffing bushes, trees, weeds, the grass, and the annoying little helicopters that right now cover my yard. i couldn't stop laughing! he just kept saying "look id ott!" (aka look at that) and he would run to the next plant and sniff. he would then turn, look at me and smile and give me a "whoa whoa!" and then run off to the next plant.

i was a little worried when we took a little nature walk in the back woods. this is where he sniffed trees and "whoa whoa"-ed every tree stump, pile of leaves, and pile of deer poop that he saw... but luckily he only "whoa whoa"-ed these treasures in the woods as opposed to sniffing them.

ok, i SWEAR i will get to sewing tomorrow... "so much time, so much time, so little to do... wait a minute, strike that, reverse it" can anyone name that movie???


Anonymous said...

Willy Wonka, duh.

pinkelefant said...

i love that movie...

Vicki said...

What a pretty place to sniff stuff. Cadbury would go nuts if we had woods like that near us. He is limited to sniffing our tiny yard and barking at the neighbors. Carter is adorable. Vicki at hollyhocks.typepad.com

andrew said...

ah, i was wondering, as i was reading, if you were going to get to the category of "Dangerous Things in the Yard to Sniff".

Poop on the nose, never a good thing.

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