Sunday, May 4, 2008

wallets and belts!

so i am always lecturing tina about trying out new things instead of stocking up on what she does so well... and here i am, making new stuff! i absolutely LOVE this wallet pattern! it's so easy and i think pretty darn cute!

gerry and clay went out turkey hunting for the weekend (insert country-hick joke here). i was flying solo with carter and wanted to spend the day sewing today. my niece tori was singing the national anthem at the buffalo bisons game today, so carter and i went for a bit. tell you what, she sang AWESOME! it was awfully chilly though... we left after an hour. when we got home carter was exhausted and went in for a nap. as he napped, i sat down at my machine and rocked out 4 wallets while i watched "mona lisa smile". once i put the boys to bed for the night, i whipped out 2 more wallets and decided to try out some belts.

when i had purchased the wrong size d rings (WAY too small for purses) i had to find something to do with them. i decided to try out some simple ribbon belts... if i had a little girl i would put one on her!
so even though i had a very unproductive friday and saturday (too busy recuperating from jay z on friday, and too busy reminiscing about the jamboree in the hills on saturday) i made up for it in a few short hours on sunday. now i have some SERIOUS bag making to do this week. i have a few sweet fabrics for bags that i really want to get done.
7 more days until the indie market! why do i always wait until the last minute???
oh yeah, ps, tomorrow is my first week weigh in at weight watchers... i think i did pretty well this week. after i got over my hunger angst that is! we'll see what happens!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Is this a photo of you?

pinkelefant said...

nope... but that is actually my sister in law

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