Thursday, May 8, 2008

suburban vs rural life example 1

so tina was bragging about, i mean showing, the flowers that she was given by her husband and daughter. well i wanted to brag about, i mean show, the flowers that clayton got for me... ok, ok, so tina's are beautiful, store bought sunflowers in a cute fancy vase (she probably pronounces it like "vaaahz"), while mine are lilacs, hacked off of my mother in law's trees in her yard, and stuck in a dry wall bucket. tina's are surrounded by nothing but the glorious sheen of a wooden table, while mine are surrounded by a garden hose that leaks. oh life in the country is so grand! :)
no sewing tonight for me... i'm awfully tired and have quite the headache. besides, i wouldn't be me if i didn't procrastinate until the very end! 3 days until the market!
ps tina- you know i'm teasing you right? you are fancy though... you DO have a fancy schmancy lemon tree in your dining room! i wish i were a fancy schmancy girl! :)


married to fancy girl said...

Whoa...take it easy on my wife, now...and our fancy, schmancy flowers. Couple things you should know -

First, most of the time Molly brings Tina dandelions, random flowers from the yard and the best of all, rocks, sticks and pinecones - because "Mommy loves sticks."

Second, I spent five minutes removing crumbs, juice stains, cooking magazines, stuffed animals and other assorted toys from that table, before you could see the "sheen."

Just 'cause we show sunflowers in vaahz (i say it that way, but T doesn't), doesn't mean that's always reality :)

pinkelefant said...

easy now "married to fancy girl"... i was not picking on your girl! i love that girl! to be honest... i think i'm jealous... i'm DEFINATLEY jealous of the lemon tree! :)

pinkelefant said...

oh yeah, i forgot to include that i get such treats as well... but mine usually include worms, dead minnows, crayfish, and sometimes even a dead bird or squirrel with the arrow still through it. wow... boys are so interesting aren't they?

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