Friday, May 2, 2008

last night was FABULOUS!!!

so this has NOTHING to do with sewing... but last night i went with my friend keri to see jay z and mary j blige at the hsbc arena. now don't get me wrong, i appreciated winning free tickets, but the radio station tickets were AWFUL! luckily, keri had a hook up... one of the teacher aides at her school worked there and got us down onto the floor!

i must say (even though i may be a bit biased due to my obsession with jay) it was an EXCELLENT concert! mary j sang her dang heart out with a mix of old school classics and some of her newer hits. and then there was jay... my goodness he was fabulous! he did every song (or at least a part of every song) that he could squeeze in. being down on the floor was sweet... if only we could have gotten close enough to get a good picture. i'm not going to lie, i'm AWFULLY tired today... but it was well worth it! keri and i had a great time... we ate and consumed a few beers at the pearl street (where the indie market is held) before the concert, then had a few cold ones afterwards as well. it was a fantastic time, loved hanging out with an old friend again ;)

well, tonight will be completely unproductive... the only thing i plan on doing once the kids are in bed, is watching what not to wear (LOVE that show) but i MUST get some stuff done this weekend for next sunday's market. wallets and purses need to be produced asap! why can't the days be a little bit longer???

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