Monday, May 19, 2008

pennsylvania is an interesting place!

so i had a very interesting saturday and sunday... ***WARNING*** this has absolutely nothing to do with crafting or sewing in any way, shape, or form. frankly, i just had a really good weekend and though i'd share! :)

laura was at my house a little before 6am on saturday morning so we could get on the road for our trip to maryland. after mapquesting, asking the bride, and asking my other "traveling" friends, we decided to take the "short route" to maryland. i was told by my girl amy that the route we were taking was "less than 6 hours".

so we set out... full off coffee and conversation. next thing you know we (woopsie) missed a major exit which would have sent us on our "short" way. well, 47 minutes later we realized that we had traveled a titch beyond the 9 miles we were supposed to drive along the southern tier expressway. we stopped, bought a map (why didn't we have one to begin with??? good question) and i bought a highlighter to mark our alternate route (and laura thought i was crazy to highlight the route... i can't help it! OCD). our alternate route looked like it wouldn't be too bad... it was straightforward. we were taking route 15 almost the entire way! well, route 15 goes through every strange little backward town in eastern pennsylvania. let me tell you, it was an experience. we saw some "interesting things". what kind of "interesting things" you may ask??? well let me tell you...

this for one... so we are driving happily along in a sweet looking little town. there were all kinds of old restored buildings along the road with different shops, restaurants etc. next thing i see is BAM!!! ok, call me incredibly immature, but just like farts never stop being funny, either does the word nipple. especially when it is on a huge sign on the side of a building... that houses old people! i had no choice but to blow a U turn and go back to take a picture. laura wanted us to get out of the car and pose, but i had to decline... i'm immature, but i couldn't stand the thought of some old lady looking out the window with a sigh thinking "tourists mocking our home again..." with sadness. so i took a picture from my car and we drove on... laughing hysterically for hours (literally) and sending it via text to our friends and family.

another interesting observation in eastern pennsylvania was an overabundance of "adult" stores... i mean like seriously, we saw at least 25 of them! no exaggeration!!! the most entertaining of them all had to be "wild bill's" which was located right next to a house of amish people. there they were, in their yard, working... right next to wild bill's!!!

what else... on the way there, laura and i stopped and ate at every available occasion... the best place ever had to be...

SHEETZ!!! i'm not sure if anyone has ever had the privilege to experience sheetz, but it was my first time. let me tell you that it was an amazing experience. you step into what you think is a simple, every day gas station... but then you see the lights, colorful carpet and the TOUCH SCREENS!!! you get to play on the touch screens to order whatever delicacies you would like. let me tell you that their macaroni and cheese was FABULOUS!!! yeah, that's right i ate macaroni and cheese from a gas station! it was quite possibly the most delicious macaroni and cheese EVER!!! if you are ever driving past a sheetz... try it out. you will not be sorry!

there were other various strange people... a rather strange woman in rite aid that had a hard time deciding whether or not we could use the bathroom, random people walking across or along, or in the middle of the highways (yeah, there were a few!) and just a myriad of others that cracked us up at the time, but i can't recall right now. oh yeah, and laura was asleep when we passed the sign for the "landing strip family restaurant"... insert giggle here. oh yeah, and we saw a sign for "bald eagle"... another giggle for those of us who are immature :)

our "shouldn't be longer than 6 hours" trip ended up taking us 9. needless to say we missed the ceremony :( but we did convince the limo/bus driver to come back to the hotel and pick us up for the reception! the reception was beautiful! kasey looked fabulous! her husband (who we were meeting for the first time) was so sweet... and his 3 boys were adorable! the little guy was dancing like it was nobodies business! i taught him the kid n play kick step, the brush your shoulder off, and i'm not sure of the name but i had him adjusting his tie before he broke it down. he was the entertainment for all! too cute... the food was delish, and there was bottled coronas! the coronas made us feel like we were actually on vacation, not just away for the night! we had a great time and it was totally worth the drive.sunday morning we chowed a little breakfast and got back on the road. this time we went the way we were supposed to go on the way there and made it home in 7 hours this time. i still don't understand the "less than 6 hours" crap. i think they all lied! :) the ride home was less interesting... i must say i was happy to see my home sweet home.

well, i think that is about all i have to say right now... sorry for assaulting your eyes for so long :) comments are more than welcome here!!! ***HINT HINT!!!***

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Tina said...

I have just removed your link from my blog.
Kidding, I am not out to disguise the true Caren. You are a wack job and I love it.
Glad you had fun!

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