Monday, May 12, 2008

store bought flowers and new shoes! :)

so mother's day and the indie market are over. i must say that mother's day was FAR more impressive than the market. i think we all had very high hopes that people would flock to the market after a nice sunday brunch with mom... but unfortunately that did not happen. the turn out was quite sad i must say. nothing against mary stephens who runs the market, frankly she is amazing! she is an adorable little peanut of a girl that has 2 kids (which i NEVER would have guessed), makes amazing stationary, and organizes and runs the whole market! anyhoo, the attendance was not what we had hoped for... although it was a perfect time for me to try out some new beers at the pearl street. though i am typically a fan of the blue-eyed blueberry blonde ale, i now also enjoy the don cherry. i also discovered the street brawler stout... i'm not typically a stout drinker, but i saw the word "chocolate" in it's description and got sucked right in. it was DELICIOUS!!! ok, ok, enough about beer (i never thought i would ever speak those words!)

now on to mother's day. i'm a firm believer in the fact that there are ALL kinds of mothers. those to pets, to students, to friends, to other people's children, to yet unborn children, to husbands... you get the picture. i hope that every mother out there had a fabulous mother's day. i myself did... although for some reason, carter decided to sleep in until 8:30 (which he never does) even though i had to be up at 7:00. figures doesn't it? well, i was then given a few of the best gifts ever. clay had planted me some flowers in a chocolate milk carton at school ALL BY HIMSELF... he told me repeatedly that HE did it, not the teacher (god bless her by the way)! he also had made me a fabulous little pinch pot with animals stamped on the side (yep, there was an elephant on there!), as well as a short poem that read as follows...



prite (pretty)

tucing (talking)


ticling (tickling)
i love you mommy

mummy (which he pronounced with a strange accent)

i was shocked to see he wrote talking and sewing... who ME? ha! kids are too funny! what's that saying... out of the mouths of babes? i also was given a STORE BOUGHT BOUQUET!!! can you believe it tina? i then recieved from gerry a fabulous lilac tree (there is one at our house that was planted in the wrong spot long before we moved in that grows like crazy but has NO FLOWERS!!! isn't the whole point of a lilac tree the fabulous smelling flowers?) i also received the best footwear EVER! i am typically a fancy, high heeled, more sexy sandal wearer in the warmer months. my new shoewear is VERY atypical for me...

i have laughed at people in crocs for the past 2 or so years. i have snickered when i saw people put them on their little boys (which i did just last week... got them camoflage ones- they LOVE them!) and swore i would never wear such ugly things. then i tried on my sister in law's crocs a while back. i loved how they felt on my feet, but still mocked her for their ugliness. i bought my mother in law some for xmas and she adored them too. when she would be at my house i was finding myself wearing her crocs around. well, i have to say that i am now a very proud (and extremely happy) owner of adorable pink crocs. funny, now i think they are not only comfortable, but cute too! so mock if you want, but i love my crocs... i want more now! :)

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Anonymous said...

caren- I am glad you got pink crocs or I may have been worried. but then again, you have been known to have a bit of a shoe fetish- I hope you take back how you mocked me (and everyone else) in mine..... Love the picture of the boys- I am a bit homesick and can not wait to hug and kiss them. Loving all the things you are making- proud of you as always- love, mommy

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