Sunday, May 11, 2008

mother's day!!!

so tomorrow is mother's day. i would just like to wish a fantastic mother's day to all the moms out there (whether your "child" is human or animal), as well as those mothers to be!

do you know what else tomorrow is??? yep, the indie market! i made up for my week long procrastination today... ok, the procrastination was longer than a week. so what if i was up until (let me look at the clock) 1:00am finishing? i got stuff done didn't i?

anyhoo, i got a few more bags done, as well as some more wallets. now that i think of it, yesterday i was able to squeak out a few more belts too that i never took pictures of.

well, it is bed time. i will be up early to get my junk together for the market... and hopefully be showered with love and adoration (and maybe gifts!) from my loving boys. i will report back after the market and let you all know if it was a success... i sure hope it is!

once again, happy mother's day to you and yours... :)

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