Wednesday, May 14, 2008

tina is FAMOUS!!!

i just want to give some props to tina over at for her appearance on tv yesterday! i do admit, i couldn't stop giggling as i watched... but hey, that's just what i do. it's how i roll. the kids and i were outside playing and grilling (i grilled for the 2nd time ever! last time i did hamburgers, this time i did polish deer sausage... it was really good! i didn't even overcook it to death!) and we all went inside to watch tina's television debut. clay was almost as excited as i was. as soon as her face came on the tv he excitedly yelled, "hi tina!" this made me giggle even more believe it or not! i think she did a great job and i'm so proud to be her partner in crime! :)

click on this link and check out where it says buffalo blogs crafting blogs and you can see her fabulous interview! :)

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