Tuesday, May 6, 2008

no sewing last night...

so i got NOTHING accomplished yesterday... but for a good reason. i had to take my sister in law into the hospital to get herself checked out... she is 7 months pregnant and was not feeling too fantastic. she didn't want to go, said it was from carrying her daughter aroungd, blah, blah, blah. turns out she was right. but i made her go and get checked out anyway... better safe than sorry right? turns out the baby is doing great (little tre- he is going to be david martin the third... i told her i would call him tre, short for tres) and she is fine too... just a little necessary rest :)

also, i just have to pat myself on the back and let everyone know that i went to weight watchers yesterday and lost 3.6 pounds this past week! i'm so excited! yeah me!

well, tonight it's crunch time... indie market is only 5 days away!!! i have some SERIOUS work to do!


Anonymous said...

Keep counting those points!

Vicki said...

Yay skinny. I think I found those pounds you lost!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Trey will be as wicked cool as Clay and Carter are?

Will Trey be allowed to ride dirt bikes in your backyard and go duck hunting at 'The Land' or will he have to hang back at the house with Aunt Caren and learn how to cross stitch his own backpack for school?

Trey is a cool nickname.

pinkelefant said...

actually, trey probably WILL be as wicked cool as clay... maybe grace will learn to cross stitch, dye hair, and make purses with Aunt Caren while the boys ride at the land :)

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