Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ahhh... sweet productivity!

so i made another (and far more successful) attempt at the wallet. the denim one on the right was first tonight... then i realized that it was FAR TOO THICK for a wallet- that's why it looks like it's been stuffed. i then decided to make the outer cover part denim and make the inside patterned. this worked MUCH better... the denim makes for a good sturdy cover.

this is just a better picture of all the bows i made last night... how cute is some of that ribbon?
and i made a bunch more headbands tonight as well. i think these are the cutest things ever! if people at the indie market don't buy them, i will be rocking them like crazy!
other than that, i've been a bit crabby on this diet... i'm hoping for a better tomorrow. i had 2.5 points left today! that's nothing short of a miracle!!!

oh yeah, and i'm SUPER excited to go see my man jay-z and mary j blige at the hsbc arena tomorrow... you never know, maybe tomorrow i will be posting a pic of jay and i!!! :)

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