Tuesday, April 22, 2008

moving on... :)

so the curtains are FINALLY done! i finished them up last night... thank goodness!

so now i have started my new adventure...trying to create a pattern for a sundress. i have some super cute fabric to make my dress, but i am starting with muslin until i get it right. well, let's just say that the first attempt looked more like a mumu. i took it in a bit and it looked a titch less tent-ish, but it was still REALLY big.
i took it in one more time and went straight to bed. i have yet to try it on again, becuase i knew i would never go to sleep if it still didn't fit right. so, i really hope that when i go home today and try that sucker on that it fits. i REALLY want to get it done so that i can wear it while the weather is still beautiful.

then here is my REAL intention... i want to make myself a dress for my girl kasey's wedding. i have a few super cute silks that i would LOVE to tackle! we'll see what happens! ;)

oh yeah, and i need to get to work on more bags for the indie market! i am waiting for my d rings and magnetic snaps to get going!
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