Tuesday, April 15, 2008

where do i start???

so this is (a small part of) my fabric stash.

now here we are, done with our first indie market, with the next indie market looming in the not so distant future. you may be wondering what exactly i plan on doing with all that fabric huh? well i will tell you...

the 2 black and white fabrics & the green flowered, red flowered, and white flowered will become some fabulous purses- the turquoise with pink flowers will become some super cute grocery bags- that pink plaid is some amazing silk that i'm hoping will become a dress to wear to my girl kasey's wedding -the tan-ish with the white leaves is (hopefully) going to become a sundress for me, as well as the black, red, white and yellow stuff that you can barely see on the end. then there is some nice heavy denim in there that will become wallets, i have about 13 yards of fabric to make my mother in law some curtians for her cupboards in the basement, and i have a bag with fabric to make my aunt-in-law (if that is such a thing) a purse.

wow. i'm tired just from typing all of that, now imagine trying to make it all! i don't know where to start! well actually, the curtains are first... only because my in-law's house goes on the market next week and they need those curtains asap. after that? no clue! i want to make everything at once! i'm excited to get sewing again... since i have taken a break the past few days. no more breaks though...

so, in conclusion, i moved my "sewing center" back upstairs tonight. it was upstairs originally, then i wanted it in the basement in front of the big tv and near the iron. now i want to be back upstairs because i feel like a hermit down in the basement. yes it's nice to have peace and quiet to work in, but hey... i hate silence, it freaks me out! so, back upstairs i went. i had about 47 different bags/ ziplocs/ tupperware containers of things to move... no big deal. then i had to move the chair and table that i work on, again no big deal. THEN i had to move my big table where i do all my cutting out. let's just say that clay was trying to help, but even he looked skeptical in my abilities to move that table. he kept telling me "just wait til my dad gets home... he can move it just fine! he's so strong ya know!" which fueled my stubborn ass to move it myself and show him how strong i am. i did it! ok so i was grunting and struggling like crazy, but i did it! clay helped me move some of my fabric but then was "too tired" to do any more. clay fell asleep in my bed as i got my OCD "sewing center" all set up again.

*** oh yeah, fyi, i had a funny picture on here that i took of clay last night when i finally took him up to bed. he was completely passed out with his hand jammed down his pants (like all males do!) but alas, after some advisement, i decided to take the picture off my blog. there are WAY too many sickos out there. kinda sad that a silly picture could be taken in such a disgustingly disturbing way. my question is... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???
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