Monday, April 28, 2008

something new!

so today i decided to try something new. i used (ok, kind of stole) tina's barrette idea, but made them on "big girl" barrettes. then i decided to give some headbands a whirl... i sat in the living room, watching house (quite possibly one of the best shows on tv right now), glueing barrettes and headbands, and RAVING about how cute they are! gerry just rolls his eyes and repeatedly assures me that they really are SO cute (as he stares at the tv, waiting for house to go to a commercial so he can flip through the channels to watch bits and pieces of dirty jobs and ultimate fighting). he's not really too reassuring but...

i just thought that these coordinating ribbons were to die for... i might enjoy buying ribbon as much as i enjoy buying fabric! i know those are some strong words... i have SO much ribbon that i have bought with no purpose other than to look cute. i figured some day i would put them to good use! thank goodness that day has finally come.

then i realized that i was out of glue... how earth shattering! i was really getting into the groove of these things. but fear not my friends, i have 2 more coupons and will be stopping tomorrow on my way home from work to grab some more glue... and i'm thinking a few more headbands and barrettes!

so that's about it for now. today started my OFFICIAL first day of weight watchers... my mind told me all day that i was starving and would never make it through. actually though, it was a lot easier than i thought it would be... but ask me again in a few days! :)

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