Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wow, could curtains be any more boring to make???

so with all that super cute fabric staring at me, just BEGGING me to make something great with them, i decided that i really need to get these curtains done so that i can get down to business!

i have 10 curtains in 3 different sizes to make. marcia bought 2 different fabrics... a plain blue polyester (it reminds me of the material that cheerleader briefs are made from... i was NOT a cheerleader, but my sister and best friend were), and another blue and lime green floral material that is kind of sheer. the blue polyester sews great... the floral stuff? that's another story. it twists, bunches, moves and grooves and will simply not allow a straight seam. now you are probably thinking, not a big deal right? in the "normal" part of my brain i know it ISN'T a big deal. they are curtains to cover some shelves in the basement of the house my in-laws are selling... they will probably be torn down as soon as the new people move in. but then there is the crazy OCD part of my brain that can not accept such inferior work. so how will i deal with it? i made 3 of the 10 tonight which i will take over to their house tomorrow to see (and hope) that they look ok when hung up in a dark basement. i'm trying to get over these things...

and finally, here she is... my good ole' cheap-o singer. she was on sale at target for $69 and sews like a dream! (i just said "sews like a dream"... wow.) then there is tina's machine... quite a bit more expensive and frankly, it's a lemon. am i right t? all i know is that i have been very happy with my little singer. i have yet to name her... although she is often referred to as some sort of expletive. if anyone has a suggestion, i'm all ears :)

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