Friday, April 11, 2008

it's crunch time!!!

ok, the buffalo indie market is tomorrow morning... i still have a LOT to do! i'm not gonna lie, i'm starting to seriously panic! i have so much stuff to do to get ready for tomorrow and i don't know where to start! i have procrastinated all week long. i have done NOTHING for the show... but i have a new blog set up. i have been playing (and i'm sorry to brag, but beating) tina's husband at online mastermind. i have been watching a lot of tv... what is wrong with me? every night i talk to tina and she is doing things, getting ready... and what am i doing? NOTHING productive! i guess i'm up for a busy night tonight! well, hope to see people there... cherry wheat beer, here i come! :)


andrew said...

Oh man...Now it's on...let's be clear about beating - we've played 4 games, you've one 2, i've won one, and we've tied once.

I'm going to have to start trying now :)

pinkelefant said...

i have still won more than you... it's ok though, i will freely admit that you crush me in scramble AND scrabulous!

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