Sunday, April 13, 2008

first indie market down...

date: saturday april 12, 2008
time: 10:45am
place: pearl street grill & brewery- buffalo indie market
so here we were... finally all set up... giggling like absolute nutballs! tina and i both giggle like crazy when we are nervous... let's just say we couldn't stop!

we borrowed a screen from tina's mom and covered it with some sheer curtains (that tina's mom got at a garage sale). we hung bags, dresses etc. from the screen and even from screws in the walls! tina's mom also hooked us up with some stand kind of things, not to mention she has given us about 47 million excellent ideas! i tip my hat to good ole' grace... what would we do without her? on that note, i must also tip my hat to tina's hubby andrew. he has helped us with just about everything since the day we decided to start sewing together... and he is very patient when tina and i talk 47 times a day!

it pretty much looked like a fabric explosion at our table! the people to our left had fancy lit up displays with cool rocks and chunks of wood. the ladies to our right had all kinds of stands etc. as well to showcase their stuff. we on the other hand... we rocked the fabric explosion!

so, all in all, it was a success. once we got over our nervousness, we had a blast! a few delicious blue-eyed blueberry blondes (aka the most DELICIOUS beer i have ever tasted!) from the bar, not to mention their killer loaded pub fries and we were happy campers! we sold a bunch of our things, learned a LOT about the craft selling life, and most importantly... had a great time! we are looking forward to next month's market... i have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!!!! but don't let me fool you, i love it! :)

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