Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a little better...

ok, so my blog already looks so much better (andrew the computer wizard even said so!) i had a few problems with the template that tina had to help me with, but then i did the rest all by myself like a big girl!

i'm excited to have my own space to ramble on about things... i will try my hardest to keep this blog relating to sewing, but i have to warn you that i tend to go off on tangents and random trains of thought sometimes.

like this morning, i was thinking... i think that the most fullfilling part of being a truck driver has to be the excitement you see in the faces of kids in passing busses (or even family mini-vans) pumping their arms waiting to hear the truck honk. if i were a truck driver i would scan every vehicle i drove past to check and see if there are any arms pumping for honks... i bet a lot of truckers do do this even though they may not admit it!
well folks (that is if anyone other than tina and andrew are actually reading this) i'm bouncing... there is a LOT to do before the buffalo indie market saturday (this is the shirt i kind of made up to wear for the show)... i hate being a procrastinator!
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