Friday, April 25, 2008

i'm a slacker.

so after i finished my ill fitting dress earlier this week, i have accomplished nothing. i have been waiting for my d rings and magnetic snaps in the mail... well, the d rings came in. they are TINY!!! oh well, i will have to figure something out to do with them... any suggestions?
anyway, my next atempt for this weekend ( probably tonight as a matter of fact) is wallets. my fellow jambo girl missy gave me a pattern (yes, i know, a pattern...) for a cute wallet. i'm hoping to figure it out and whip out a bunch of them this weekend. here's hoping! let's enjoy the last weekend of summer-like weather for a while...

oh yeah, not that anyone cares but i'm now officially a weight watchers member. i did it online this morning. i just can not stand fitting into NOTHING i own any more... plus if one more student tells me i'm getting fat (or telling me i have a "pillow belly", or that i'm getting "thicker") again, i'm going to cry! wish me luck! :)

oh yeah again, and on my last post when i was begging for responses, i found out that there was a problem in the way i had my blog set up that made it next to impossible to leave a comment. andrew (tina's husband and my computer "mastermind") fixed it for me. thanks andrew! :)
so you know what that means??? comment away!!! :)

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