Friday, April 11, 2008

i think we are market ready!

so... i had a REALLY cute sign all painted up tonight. clay stood by my side oohing and ahhing as i painted the sign for our table. it looked fabulous! then i ran outside to grab myself a celebratory beer from the garage. when i came back inside, there were mysterious smears across the canvas that i had just finished painting. when i asked clay if he had touched my painting, he said "maybe... but you can just paint over that stuff with white mom!" if only it were that easy! so now, the sign for our table tomorrow looks like this... crap.

and then come the new "supplies" needed for the market. cute bags, tissue paper, a cute pink sparkly thing to keep money in, a cool little dish to display my cards in, and most importantly... NEW PENS! i don't know about anyone else, but i thoroughly enjoy new pens. they give me a feeling of pride, newness, and excitement. i think it's a reminiscence for me of starting off the school year with fresh school supplies. each september you would have new supplies and a new outlook on your educational career... and then november hits, and your organization kick and new supplies are all used up. but by golly, for that first month or two, you are feeling good, feeling organized, and LOVING your new, fresh notebooks, folders, and pens!

lastly, here is most of the stock of stuff i will be taking with me to the market tomorrow. a gazillion bags! every shape, every size, every fabric. no two are exactly alike! what you get from me is genuine one of a kind bags... probably because every time i make something i am trying something new! :) well, wish us luck! tina and i will be ready to rock by 11am when the market opens... hope to see you there!

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